The principles of marital relationships learned from Boaz and Ruth



Despite Ruth being a foreign woman (from Moab),

Boaz constantly showed his love and kindness (Ruth 2:5-9, 20).

Husbands should continuously love and show grace to their wives,

even if they are different in nationality.

The reason is that, just as the Lord Jesus, who was once an enemy of God,

loves and shows grace to His eternal spouse, the husband.


After hearing Boaz's comforting and delightful words,

Ruth humbly sought even more grace, saying,

"May I continue to find favor in your eyes, my lord.

I am not even as worthy as one of your maidservants" (vv. 2, 13).

Wives should humbly seek even more grace and love from their husbands.

The reason is that those who understand God's love and grace in salvation

can only humbly admire and seek more of God's abundant grace and love.


While sharing a meal with Ruth,

Boaz not only showed his love

to the extent that she ate her fill and there was food left over,

but he also instructed his servants not to rebuke or scold her.

He protected her, assisted her, and took care of her (vv. 14-16, 19).

Husbands should be with their beloved wives,

protecting, assisting, and caring for them.

The reason is that Immanuel, the Lord, is with them,

protecting, helping, and caring for them.


Ruth was a diligent woman

who respected and served her widowed mother-in-law (vv. 7, 11, 17-18).

Wives should be diligent and serve their mothers-in-law with respect.

The reason is that Jesus Himself honored and served His mother Mary,

going so far as to wash the disciples' feet.


Ruth showed even greater kindness to Boaz than at first (3:10).

Wives should show even greater kindness to their husbands.

The reason is that our Lord of love bestows even greater kindness than at first.


Recognizing Ruth as a wise woman,

Boaz made a promise to fulfill her desire to be the kinsman-redeemer,

and he kept his promise (vv. 11-13; 4:1-13).

Husbands should recognize their wives as wise women,

make promises to fulfill their desires, and faithfully keep those promises.

The reason is that the Lord faithfully fulfills His promises to them.