“But if the servant declares, 'I love my master and my wife and children and do not want to go free,' then his master must take him before the judges.  He shall take him to the door or the doorpost and pierce his ear with an awl. Then he will be his servant for life.” (Exodus 21:5-6).



            Few days ago, I had talk with one of my precious daughters about an earring.  Since I heard from my wife that our daughter wanted to do earring, I went up to her in order to talk to her about it.  I asked her ‘You are pretty even without earring.  Why do you want to do earring?’  She didn’t say anything.  I guessed that she already made up her mind that she would do earring.  So I did not say “No” to her about her doing earring.  At that time the indwelling Spirit remind the today’s passage Exodus 21:5-6.  So I told my daughter about the Scripture and challenged her to commit her life to our Master Jesus Christ.  ‘If you commit your life to our Lord Jesus, then I will let you do earring.’  It seemed to me she was agreeing what I said.  So I didn’t say anything more about earring.


            This morning as I was meditating on Exodus 21:5-6, it reminded me the gospel song that I used to sing when I was in college.  It is “Pierce my ears O Lord my God.”  This is how it goes: (1) Pierce my ear, O Lord my God.  Take me to your door this day.  For I will serve no other god.  Lord I'm here to stay.  (2) For you have paid the price for me; With Your blood you ransomed me.  Now I will serve you eternally.  Lord I'm here to stay. (Chorus) So, Pierce my ear, O Lord my God.  Take me to your door this day.  For I will serve no other God.  O Lord I'm here to stay.”  And the indwelling Spirit enabled me to look upon Jesus Christ who was pierced and died on the cross.  Also, the Spirit helped me to focus on Jesus who was pierced with nails and died on the cross in order to free me from eternal bondage of sin.  And now because of Him who was crucified, I became a salve of the Lord Jesus.  What a blessing and privilege to serve my Lord Jesus Christ.  So I refused to be free from being slave of my Lord Jesus.  Since I love Him and my family, I want the Lord to pierce the ears of my heart.  For it is my desire to serve my Lord all the days of my life.  But I see another desire in me that want to be master instead of slave.  In other words, I see in me that there is mater consciousness instead of slave consciousness.  So I confessed my sins to God.  And I asked God to grant me mind of Jesus Christ that is humble mind (Phil. 2:5) so that I can serve my Lord humbly.


            I want to be the Lord’s slave who serves Him humbly.  It is my longing desire to be used by Him for His church and His Kingdom.  So I want ears of my heart to be pierced rather than ears of my body.  For it is my desire to serve my Lord Jesus who was pierced on the cross to free me from all my sins. 



Pierce my ears O Lord my God,


James Kim