Keep The Home Clean

Keep The Home Clean

Keep The Home Clean: Best Vacuum For Pet Hair & Dander
If you own a pet at home, it’s advisable to get yourself a good vacuum cleaner so as to remove their dander and pet hair remains.
This device uses air-pump elements to create a partial suction tube for sucking up dirt particles, the residues can either be collected inside a dustbag or cyclone chamber for later disposal.
These appliances are available in different forms such as domestic central vacuums and small battery-operated editions.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Vacuum

Get it from an established manufacturer. Always ensure that the manufacturer is reputable and well-known. Though there may be newer, less-known firms selling the products at affordable rates, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best in terms of quality.

Check the manufacturer’s track record and whether there are any customer-complaints from those who bought them in the past, some of the best pet vacuum brands are Hoover, ProTeam, Eureka and Crusader.
Check out the features. Ask yourself if it has sufficient filters to deal with hair particles, and whether it’s light-weight and versatile enough to be carried around with ease.
Warranty. If you plan to keep the device for its entire lifetime, get a long and comprehensive cover that would help you reduce the costs of repair. Given that it can be quite expensive to hire a technician each time that the device gets damaged.

Bag-less Vacuums

Anyone who’s used standard vacuum cleaners before knows how wearisome and icky it can be to regularly clean the dust bag. Fortunately, nowadays there are advanced bagless cleaners that are upright built and feature powerful suctions that ensure no pet-hair or dander residues are left behind during the cleaning process.

Dirt accumulates inside a small detachable bin which saves the user trouble of buying new dust bags. More importantly they can be of great help to users that suffer from dust or pet remain allergies.

Bissell Deluxe 21K3

Bissell delivers excellent performance in all kinds of floors and is also good in cleaning carpets and rugs with pet-hair stuck inside. HEPA filters fitted inside the machine gives it an added advantage, while manual pile altitude adjustments make it convenient for everyday use. Deluxe is also equipped with a full-bin indicator system that saves users from the trouble of regularly checking their bins.

Hoover UH70015

This quality bagless vacuum cleaner is renowned for its strong suction abilities, just the perfect feature to remove hair from carpets, rugs or bare floor. The extended cord element found in this product also gives it an extended reach, allowing you to reach hidden corners and other inconspicuous places that pets like to visit. Hoover is lightweight and can be used for extended periods of time without the user getting tired. This is definitely one of the top rated pet hair and dander machines in the market.

Dyson DC25

Dyson’s vacuum is also lightweight and has a lengthy hose that extends up to 16ft, meaning that it may be used on your staircase, ceiling, low shelve areas or beneath the bed. DC25 also has an efficient ergonomic handle for maximum comfort while removing animal hair from your home. While deciding on the best brand to buy, always take into consideration the cost and convenience of use.

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Wood Floors

With regular cleaning and care, wood floor can go for a long time without having to be refinished and sanded or even requiring a new varnish coat. You can keep it looking good by applying smart cleaning methods that will make caring for the floor and maintaining its good looks much easier.

Vacuum it Weekly
Wood Floor CleaningAlthough you are probably doing this already, it is always worth repeating. This is because the fine grit found in dust is similar to sandpaper and is capable of wearing through the wood floor’s finish. A good wood floor vacuum not only maintains its appearance but also protects the finish. Use an attachment with a felt surface or brush that will run along the floor. Attachments having a beater bar or rotating brushes are likely to scratch the surface.

Deeper Cleaning
Dirt, grime and oil accumulate over time and are not totally removed by the weekly vacuuming. You can use a wood-cleaning product that has been diluted in accordance to label instructions for occasional deep cleaning. Saturate a rag mop or sponge into the solution and then wring it in a way that it is only slightly damp. Damp-mop the floor while taking care not to leave standing water on it, and then rinse using a clean mop moistened in clear water.

Basic Care
You can fast track the process of cleaning wood floors by first dusting them with a mop treated with dusting agents in order to pick up dirt and dust that might scratch their surface. For cleaning done weekly or biweekly, you can vacuum using a floor-brush attachment on an electric broom. For quick dusting, disposable electrostatic cloths available at discount and grocery stores can be used.

Removing Marks
Wood Floor MarksYou should consider the finish of your floor before attempting to remove marks. If stains are on the surface, then most likely your floor has a hard finish like urethane. For stains that penetrate through the wood, the floor likely has a soft oiled finish commonly found in older homes whose floors are yet to be refinished and resealed. Stains on a hard finish can be wiped with a clean, soft cloth. Steel wool, harsh chemicals or sandpaper should never be used on such surfaces as they are likely to cause permanent damage to them.

The remedies below are for cleaning wood floors that have soft oiled finishes. If necessary, you can finish each treatment by staining the spot, then waxing and buffing it so that it matches the rest of the floor.

Pet stains and dark spots: rub the spot using steel wool and floor wax. In case the spot is still dark, vinegar or bleach can be applied and then allowed to soak into the wood for some time. You can then rinse using a damp cloth.

Oil-based stains: rub the spot using dishwashing detergent and a soft cloth to break down the grease. Afterwards, you can rinse with clean water. The procedure can be repeated if the first application does not work.

A Simple Guide For Buying a Handheld Vacuum

Sometimes a full sized, traditional vacuum cleaner is just more than you need. Sometimes you just need to clean up a spill. Or, perhaps you want to quickly clean some dirt out of your car. This is where a hand vacuum comes in handy.

A hand vacuum offers a couple of important advantages. Clearly, due to their small size, these gadgets allow users to clean up quickly and easily rather than having to drag out a full sized cleaner. They are perfect for small cleaning jobs for this reason.

The Advantages

They are incredibly useful, portable devices. Handy in the event of a small mess, you can store cordless handheld vacuum cleaners in easy-to-reach locations in your home, office, or car. Cordless cleaners also have other advantages. They’re safe, they’re easy to clean, and they can save you a lot of time.

They are very portable devices. You don’t need to have the best lightweight vacuum, but you do want to make sure that it’s lightweight enough so that you can take the cleaner with you from room to room. Once charged,Cordless handhelds are ideal for use in the car since constant charging or a permanent energy source is not required. Handheld vacuums are also useful in offices since there is usually limited space available for storage of cleaning products.

Cordless handhelds can reach small spaces and corners more easily than a traditional machine. Instead of hooking up hoses and attachments and dealing with a plugged-in cord, you can easily navigate between sofa cushions and behind furniture. You can even use it to supplement cleaning with a traditional upright vacuum as an alternative to fumbling with other attachments.

Save Time
It can take some serious time to move an upright through a house (particularly if the house has more than one story). Even lifting lighter, ergonomic upright vacuums can become tedious after a while. Cordless handhelds are time savers—simply grab the charged device and take it to the mess without having to worry about winding the cord around the unit or moving it back up or down the stairs.

Perfect for Small Jobs
It’s not practical to use an upright vacuum on a small mess when you live in a household with a cordless vacuum. These tiny cleaning tools are perfect for spot cleaning before company arrives or tackling one small problem area. Use the handheld unit to clean up a child’s play area, an isolated food spill, finger or toenail clippings, or heavy traffic areas.

Pet Hair
The small cordless handheld is a very helpful companion to any household with pets. Handheld vacuums run effortlessly over furniture and carpeted areas. Some cordless handhelds come with motorized brushes, ideal for removing hair from furniture.

Easy to Empty
These are usually very easy to empty into a large trash can (those with allergies should empty the vacuum into a trashcan outdoors). Many units require no vacuum bags.

Cost Effective and Safe
Cordless handhelds can help you watch your budget. Many vacuums come with washable filters. This reduces the amount of money you would have to spend on bags for a traditional upright as food spill items and pet hair often contribute to an expanding, weighty bag needing to be replaced.

Without a weighty vacuum, you can also eliminate your chance of being injured by running your foot over. Using small handheld vacuums around furniture edges can prevent damage to your furniture as well.

Choosing a Rechargeable Version

Rechargeable hand vacuums are common appliances but there a quite a number of them on the market. Here are a few of the features you should consider before making a choice:

Size and Weight – For it to be convenient and easy to handle, you’ll want one that is lightweight. In addition, you may consider where you will be storing and charging it. You want one that won’t require more table or wall space than you have available. Certainly too, you may want to consider the size of the nozzle. Some have a nozzle that is only 1 1/2 inches wide. If you need to clean a sofa, a 1 1/2 nozzle will slow the task significantly.

Attachments – In addition to the width of the nozzle, you’ll want to consider what attachments are offered. In many instances you will want the ability to get into small spaces and crevices.

Power – Compare the ability of the vacuum to pull in dust, dirt and debris. In other words, compare the power. A 9 volt rechargeable hand vacuum may not have the power of a 15 volt model. Many models allow users to adjust the speed. If a lower speed is sufficient it can be a power saver to reduce the speed. It will also allow you to vacuum longer per charge. This brings us to another power consideration; how long will the vacuum operate on a single charge? Some may only run a few minutes before you notice a reduction in power, while others will operate far longer.

Easy of Use – Certainly most rechargeable vacuums are easy to use and lightweight. However, some offer features that make them even more convenient. They may feature a pivoting nozzle which allows it to get closer to the spots you want to vacuum without twisting and turning your own arms or body.

Warranty – Many rechargeable vacuums will have a shorter life than a corded model. This is because the battery eventually loses it’s ability to charge and hold a charge. Replacing the battery can cost as much as the vacuum itself. . A year warranty should be considered the minimum, but some models offer as much as a 6 year warranty.

Purchasing the best handheld vacuum that you can will prove a worthwhile investment. You’ll save time and money and you’ll spend a lot less of your own energy cleaning your home!

Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40100 Cyclonic Canister Vacuum

In this post, we will review the Cyclonic Dirt Devil SD40100 Canister Vacuum. Similar to our other reviews, this article will contain, advantages, limitations, item features, and our personal opinion regarding said product.

Introduction and Specifications
The Featherlite SD40100 boasts that it has advanced cyclonic performance for such a compact cleaner. It is easy to handle and usable for almost all kind of cleaning situations – hard floors, carpet surfaces, walls, upholstery and mattresses, etc… Canister vacuums are known to be the best vacuum for hardwood floors, although this is not always the case as vacuum cleaners have come a long way.

Listed below is a general overview of the product’s specifications:
Bagless and comes with a big size dirt collection cup (bottom release type).

Cord auto-rewind
Does not support or does not have headlight, performance check indicator, quick release cord, and a swivel head.
Filtration can be washed and is replaceable. Uses HEPA filtration and single cyclonic air system. Height can be adjusted automatically with a nozzle width of 10 inches.
As mentioned, above specs are provided as general reference to the reader. To view full and complete details, please visit the product’s main website as this post will mostly concentrate on reviewing the items’ Pros and Cons.

A look at the advantages and benefits
First off, this compact cleaner does a pretty good job in vacuuming different kind of surfaces. A couple of consumers may not know it – but some VCs react differently depending on what is being cleaned. For instance, a vacuum cleaner may do an excellent job on a hard or tiled floor but not so much on rugs or any other carpeted surface. It is worth noting that this one has quite a consistent output on different situations.

Being compact obviously follow that it is lightweight and can be dragged around easily. It has powerful suction that can clean away hard to reach areas, tight corners, and even the smallest cracks. Detaching the wand from the hose head is also simple – this is good for cleaning windows, upper corners, and stationary furniture.

For readers who are overly cautious about floor scratches or marks, you would be glad to know that this model has small operational wheels on the side of the hose near the head (it is hardly noticeable for design and aesthetic purposes)

Disadvantages and limitations
Now let’s get to the juicy stuff – knowing the dirt for this cleaning material (pun intended).

Aside from the unsupported features (variable suction control, quick release cord, etc…), we noticed a couple of issues or disadvantages for this compact cleaner.

Cord can be longer
Attachments / accessories appear to made of cheap plastic materials
There are times that the cord retract button did not function properly
Though it does a decent job on just about any surface, it may not be advisable for use on very (VERY) thick carpets
Expanding on the listed concerns, it can be noticed that all are quite trivial and already a given.

The Dirt Devil SD40100 is supposed to be light and compact so it naturally follows that it will not have a long cord to sacrifice visual design. This compact cleaner is relatively inexpensive which explains the cheap accessories. Third bullet is normal mechanical wear and tear while the last items is, let’s just say it is not designed for heavy-duty cleaning of very thick carpets.

Overall, we see that the SD40100 does what it claims to be – light, effective, useful, and easy to maintain.

Reasons to Check Out The Miele S2121 Olympus

Given with a lot of emotional attachment by my mother-in-law, I removed the old little (ready bulky) cleaner which hardly vacuumed to clean the couch. Following the much expected disastrous results it produced and after a lot of logical confrontation with my stubborn mother-in-law, I went ahead to the store and got a new vacuum cleaner based upon the shopkeeper’s suggestion. He told me “It Sucks” and then after a small pause, “every dirt particle” into it! Amidst much negotiation, the S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum cleaner came home. It has never let me down since!

There are many pros as well as some cons to this cleaner and I would like to help out state them in an unbiased way for you to decide.

When it comes to handling, this cleaner is a breeze to use. Originally built light weight, you could push the head between the couch mats to suck your pets’ hair away. The vacuum bag moves with change of angle that works in favor of the handling.

Aesthetics & Built
Trendy and cool is what my 20 year son told me who was very happy to clean his room with it. The rectangular-oval shape gives it a compact look with perfectly placed switches. The top long (I guess almost 30 feet) cleaning chord is at the right place and doesn’t interfere while cleaning and reaches everywhere. All this makes it easier to operate. Full marks to the aesthetics and built which also aids its easy storage.

Cleaning & Performance
Although there is a powerful 1200 watt motor, the functioning is remarkably quiet. It however misbehaves on hard carpets where you feel the absence of the head brush. Someone just told me the other day that it has a triple filter too which even has a capacity to purify the air while it sucks up the dirt! Lovely and unexpected! Coupled with the motor is a 6 speed variation possibility for you to control the cleaning for a laptop (yes it works magic on setting 1) or to the carpet on setting 6.

Miele definitely lives up to its expectation of being a German company. It gives a 7 year warranty on casing and motor and complete replacement by the company on a defective piece. This doesn’t mean harsh handling! Store it nicely in a dry place. You will need to change the filter once the small little light glows indicating so. For a tom dick harry like you and me, we need a change every 8 months. The other thing to be kept in mind is that it would need frequent dust bag changing, very naturally due to its small size.

You would be a bit disappointed when you switch over to cleaning of the hard thick flooring and carpets where it would not clean much. The power chord needs an extension to reach far places though the accessory chords are decent enough. I would have loved had they provided a rotating powder head with the package inclusive.


All in all, the S2121 Canister is a multipurpose cleaner for dusting, brushing and daily cleaning needs. Full points to the S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner!

I cannot resist myself telling that on a Sunday morning, when I saw my mother-in-law taking the cleaner out of its box to get her table clean to use her laptop, I smiled and thought “329 dollars are now worth it !!”