Mobile Slots Millionaires

Every now and then, a progressive jackpot is won that turns one player into a millionaire. We don’t often associate mobile slots with the ability to change someone’s life but progressive jackpots can do just that. These games take a percentage of each and every wager before adding them to a grand jackpot amount.
There’s even a Guinness World Record that has been set by one of these games for the largest ever online payout amount. Gone are the days of wishing for a winning lottery ticket, there’s a new kid on the block. Mobile slots have well and truly taken over to dominate the world of jackpot winners and other games are taking note. Continue reading Mobile Slots Millionaires

Choosing a Casino to Play Online Roulette On

There are thousands of individual casino games to play in 2017 and finding the best ones takes time and practice. Every player is different with different preferences and playing styles. Some players enjoy blackjack whereas others enjoy a spin of the reels by playing slots. Online roulette continues to prove popular and there are lots of different variants to play on many different casinos. Finding online casinos to play online roulette on is really easy but there is so much choice so how can you find the perfect site to play on?

Online Roulette Casinos

Almost every online casino will at least have a couple of online roulette games to try. The need for variety is evident when you realise that some players prefer the European game and others prefer the American game. Luckily, there is plenty of both to enjoy. Finding a few sites and then comparing and contrasting them is advised. Consider things such as the welcome bonus, the promotions list and the payment methods. A great welcoming offer will go a long way into enticing players to join a specific online casino. Bonus cash is usually offered and can really help you get started playing online roulette.

Try and look for sites that offer at least 200% in bonus cash. This will usually require a deposit of around £5-10. This will allow you to claim additional funds that you can use for some online roulette. Other than that, looking at the promotions list is also a good idea. Tournament games, jackpots and competitions can all be found in this section generally. Good promotions offer value and will have you coming back for more. Then it really is a case of examining the range of online roulette that is available. Play roulette online today

Choosing an Online Roulette Game

This is also important when you are considering online casinos. Of course, you want to have a good range of online roulette to play so look for sites that offer both European and American online roulette. Indeed, there are plenty of variants to choose from and you may just want to play the standard game but the live game of online roulette is also tonnes of fun and a really modern way to enjoy the game. Live games are making more and more of an appearance on the majority of online casinos so be sure to check them out!

Payment methods are also very important. Of course, debit and credit cards are offered on 99% of sites but these days, players want more options. Most sites will offer at least a couple of additional methods so look out for services such as PayPal and Neteller. Other ways to make payments include bank transfers and even pay by phone or mobile services. A good range of payment methods will make a casino appeal to many players so choose a payment method that you are comfortable with and then you can play some online roulette.

There are thousands of online casinos on the web and finding the best ones to play online roulette on is a matter of personal preference. Every player is different but to us, the key is to get good value from a site that is safe and secure at all times. Using Google to find a few sites that you like the look of is advised and then you can begin to compare and contrast until you have found the perfect online casino home. Look out for things such as the welcome offer, the promotions list and the range of payment methods that are available.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is by far one of the most popular ways to enjoy all of your favourite games while you are on the go. This is not a trend that looks like it will be slowing down anytime soon, so you better get on board and sign up to a mobile casino today! One of our favourite ways to enjoy slots and casino games anytime, anywhere, is by playing them at a Nektan Casino. Nektan Casino sites offer a range of thrilling games, lots of promotions, and also a range of payment options for you to make your deposits and withdraw all of your big cash wins! Find out more about playing these games on mobile below. Continue reading Mobile gaming

The Complete Guide to Playing Mobile Slots

If you’ve ever wanted to play on mobile slots for your chance to win big then our guide will help you out. This is our complete guide to everything you need to know about playing these games, as well as how to make the most of your time online. Get ready to learn everything you need to know! Continue reading The Complete Guide to Playing Mobile Slots

PayPal Casino Tips & Tricks

Recently, we have been looking at some different ways to play on an online casino site. The PayPal casino continues to make waves in the online casino market due to the range of features and benefits offered on this platform. Usually, players can enjoy at least 100 games on these types of site as well as use popular payment provider PayPal to not only deposit but also withdraw with relative ease. Not a lot of customers are familiar with the PayPal casino so we thought we would compile a few tips and tricks to help you play effectively on these sites. Continue reading PayPal Casino Tips & Tricks

Live Online Roulette: A Guide

Online roulette has been available to play for over 10 years now over the internet and the market is now flooded with so many different versions of the game. While the standard online roulette experience is still enjoyed by many, there are plenty of modern games to try out that offer a modern and innovative online roulette experience. Live games are an example of this and live roulette is a great way to combine both the online and traditional roulette experience. The live game lets you play with a real dealer as well as other players and there are big jackpots to be claimed also.

An Overview of Live Online Roulette

Basically, live online roulette combines elements of both the real and online game. Players can play live games from their PC, laptop or mobile device and connect to a live gaming studio via video feed. Players will play on a real table with a real dealer from the comfort of their own home. A lot of live online roulette offers a multiplayer experience so you can also play with others and chat to them using the chat box provided. The rules of the game tend to be the same and the betting options will vary as well.
Most live games will offer the European variant but there is the American live game on offer too on some sites. When it comes to betting on live online roulette games, players have a lot of options to enjoy. Choosing a game that offers a wide variety of bets is advised and in general, most games will let you wager from just £1. Some live online roulette games will let you gamble with up to thousands of pounds so the games will also suit a variety of high roller players.

Live Online Roulette: More Info

The live dealer is there to help you play the game by spinning the roulette wheel and players will be able to use the integrated online interface to play the game. There will be a variety of betting chips on offer with different colours and values. You can begin the game by simply making a deposit and entering the interface. Players should note that live online roulette operates at a pretty fast pace so players will need to be on their toes to keep up. If you’ve never played any online roulette before then we would advise starting out with a non-live version of the game.
Players can place all the normal bets that they would be able to normally by placing betting chips on the table. Different inside and outside bets can be placed and there are some excellent ways to win big. The game will also offer some additional features which will likely offer the player the chance to customise their online roulette variant. With the live game, you can generally alter the quality of the video feed and access additional features such as the statistics table and paytable.

What is up?

The game of live online roulette is a great choice for players looking for a modern way to win some cash. The live game essentially combines both a real casino with an online interface to make for an innovative and modern online gambling experience for the player. There are some excellent betting options and features to enjoy with these games so perhaps trying out some live online roulette could be a good choice for players who are perhaps a little bored of traditional online roulette. We hope this guide has helped you understand how the game works so good luck and have fun spinning that famous wheel!